Mombasa City Tour and Short Excursions

Mombasa City Tour

Mombasa City tour includes a visit to Fort Jesus (the fortress built by the Portuguese in 1593- but is now a museum). You will then have a short walk through the old town with its narrow twisting alleys, overhanging balconies and carved doors the visit the old dhow harbour. The harbour is still in use and one can find some Arab Dhows operating.

You will continue your Mombasa city tour visiting the center of Mombasa town's points of interest including the market; the huge elephant's tusks along the Moi Avenue. You will then be returned to your Mombasa hotel at lunch time. End of your Mombasa city tour Excursion

Malindi and Gedi Ruins Tour

Depart from your Mombasa hotel at.00 a.m and d to the resort town of Malindi (125 km or 80 miles) North or Mombasa. Malindi consists of hotels and a local fishing villages with markets and shops in Arab/African style.

While on this Malindi tour you visit Gedi Ruins, an ancient ruined city that was mysteriously abandoned in the 13th Century, overgrown by Jungle vegetation and rediscovered in this century.

In Malindi you will visit the marine on a glass-bottom boat to view the colorful tropical fish and coral (Remember to bring swimming suits and beach shoes).

Lunch at a specially selected restaurant. Then a short drive out of the town drive out of the town to a Giriama Village to watch a performance of tribal dancing. You will also Visit the Malindi falconry and Snake Park.

Return to Mombasa in the evening and drop off in your hotel.

Full day Wasini Island & Kisite Sea Adventure

Welcome to a day of ultimate pleasure in the richest Marine Park at the Kenyan Coast. Depart early morning for the tranquil fishing village of Shimoni. The scenic route takes you through lush coconut and cashew nuts plantations and the colourful villages of the Digo people.

At Shimoni jet board an authentic motorized Lamu dhow, which cruise and sail you through an enchanting seascape of Islands to the underwater splendors of the Kisite Marine Park. Here snorkelers will marvel at the incredible variety of marine life in the shallow and warm waters around Kisite Island; the venue for numerous birds.

A sumptuous Swahili style seafood lunch is served at Wasini Island Restaurant. Thereafter visit the traditional Muslim village before returning to your hotel late afternoon.

Mombasa by Night & Dinner in the Castle

The enjoyment and romance begins when you are picked up from your hotel at 5:30pm. The exciting itinerary begins with atmospheric Dhow Sundowner Cruise which offers an outstanding view of the Old Port from the water. After docking our guide will lead you on walk through the historic Old Town to the 400 year old fortress of Fort Jesus. Built by the Portuguese as a stronghold at the entrance to the harbour, the ancient fort is a stunning example of 16th century military architecture that has survived centuries of attack and conquest. Here you will be welcomed by Portuguese and Arab fire-bearers before witnessing a dazzling sound and light show that is followed by a sumptuous dinner served alfresco within the ramparts of the Fort for a truly unforgettable dining experience. After this memorable experience of lifetime you will be taken back to your hotel.

Ngomongo village afternoon Tour

After breakfast take a half-day or 3 hours off your schedule to visit the Ngomongo Village. This is a Cultural Tour that is educational in the way of life of the African people. The village has a collection of 9 diverse rural Kenya Tribal Homesteads, complete with hut, cultivated crops, domestic and even a village witch doctor. When you arrive, you are warmly received and shown around. Watch or participate in numerous village activities such as archery, boating, rafting, tasting tribal foods, trekking, hook fishing, grinding and pounding maize. Visitors are encouraged to participate and enjoy in the various tribal dances and activities so that you may appreciate the African culture. There are also various local brews and traditional dances. Return to your hotel in the afternoon.

Bamburi Quarry Nature Trail Park (Haller Park)

Visit the Nature Park now known as Haller Park. This is a rehabilitated quarry, that is comprised of 75 hectares and northern which was 11 square km. During your visit you will see the mammal species such as hippos, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, waterbucks, elands and Oryx. The duiker, bushbuck and suni are not easily seen as they tend to hide under the bushes on hearing any sounds. The bush pig, marsh mongoose, serval cat and the South African Crested porcupines are active at night. There are also crocodiles, Aldabra tortoises (with the oldest being 100 years), monkeys (Green Vervet Monkey, Sykes Monkey and Mona Monkey). There are any species of birds.

The Tamarind Dhow Cruise

The Tamarind Dhow evening cruise is in a class of its own. This is the perfect place to experience the extraordinary romance provided by the soothing wave sounds of the Indian Ocean. Alter your daily dinner schedule from the monotonous hotel and have it away in this Tamarind Dhow. The Tamarind Dhow Cruise takes place during lunch and dinner times (a specific number is required to fill up the boat for the cruise). When you arrive at the restaurant, you are met by a traditionally dressed waiter who shows you to your table on the magnificent dhow. You are served a delightful cocktail made with vodka, lime, honey, sugar and crushed ice. Non-alcoholics will be served a choice of fruit juice or sodas. A live band aboard the splendid dhow begins to play once the dhow sets sail. It is a picturesque setting as the dhow sails off into the sunset with a live band entertaining the guests that keep lively and excited chatter. Guests aboard the dhow begin to be entranced by the romance in the air and take to dancing around the deck of the dhow, partners in hand with the most delicate of embraces enfolding couples. The cruise takes you around Tudor Creek. You will see the Old Town and Fort Jesus at the distance during the Dhow Cruise.

Newly wedded couples find it enchanting to softly whisper their ‘happy ever after’ love promises to each other during the Tamarind Dhow Cruise due to the romantic filled warm evening air provided by the Indian Ocean.

Mamba Village [Mombasa] (Crocodile Farm Tour)

Mamba Village is the greatest Crocodile Farm in Kenya. It is situated in Nyali, Mombasa and visitors flock into this Farm every day to see the rare spectacle of hundreds of these thick-scaled reptiles. These crocodiles are at different stages of maturity from eggs, hatching, baby crocodiles, to maturity. The Farm is partitioned into small compartments where different age groups are reared. When it is hot, they move out of water to bask under the sunshine. The big ones look fierce and monstrous. Visitors are warned to be careful as they watch these great predators. They eat meat and at 1700 hours daily, the farm attendants feed the crocodiles. It is thrilling to see them jump high in the air to snap the meat. They also have Beautiful collection of plants and flowers specializing in orchids and aquatic flora. On display are carnivorous species, marine aquarium and snakes. If you want a taste of crocodile meat, the Mamba Village has a restaurant that serves game meat including ostrich. Other enjoyable activities in this place include Camel Riding and Horse Riding.